K. Smirnovas " We cannot to stand in one place - we must to go forward"

Just third years existing Lithuanian Grappling Federation is one most expanding federation in our country. In Lithuania number of sportmans is growing like geometric progression, by the way in international waters swim out more and more fighters. 


"I can only repeat myself - grappling attracting various, because in this sport are less injuries at all round of fights. We have a great situation right now, however, we cannot stop. We must to move succesful forward and to reach as good results as we can. ",- said Lithuanian Grappling Federation and from last years International Grappling Federation president Kęstutis Smirnovas. 

"To tell the truth, right now in the international arena going more interesting things, than in local. Recently join us Kazahstan, soon must to join and Spain. Accession of each country is a big winning for us, because it shows, that we are moving in right direction - to make a bigger geographyc this kind of sport", - lecture K.Smirnovas.

Kazahstan long time is famous of succesful wresting school, so we cannot doubt, that sportsmans of this country taking part at competitions and championships just make it more livefull. 

"Sportsmans of this country always characterize that they like to fight in public. For them it is not enough to win  - they always want to make it more beautiful. I can ensure, that with them championships will become more attractive for our eyes", said president. 

In Kazahstan grappling is known only for three years. Like in our country, the same and there in grappling are interested already other kinds of sport tried sportsmans. There, like and at our country, growing up of this kind of sport is in geometric progression. 

"Of course, that at short time is hard to make a good base for that we could have world champions. But moving forward, without doubts, cannot to leave indifferent opinions. Our purpose - to go out into international arena. For this, we become full-righted members of International federation",- said Kazahstan grappling federation representative Ayazhan Makazhanova. 

One representative of Kazahstan is planning to come in May 21th In Jurbarkas will occur Open Baltic Countries grappling games. Together with him in Lithuania will come and manager of grappling In Kazahstan.