In 2021 the International Grappling Federation launched a completely new type of competition. Namely, grappling technique demonstration competition. It is going to be held in Gi  and Nogi. The IGF has been operating since 2014 and has organized many World, European, Baltic Sea Championships as well as various international tournaments and other events.

Due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 virus, the championship is canceled and postponed to a later time!

2020 February 1, IGF Grappling Referee Seminar was held at Jazz Vila Homestead. During the seminar, Dainius Burokas, Chairman of the IGF Judicial Panel, introduced to the referees the changes to the IGF rules, and referees were granted various categories of licenses.

The seminar ended with a sauna organized by IGF International Referee, Professional Bath Professional, Albertas Kašėta.

Congratulations to the judges for the start of the new season and good luck in the works !!!!

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